1.  Mini Symposium: Mathematics Teacher Education Symposium


 Prof. Dr. Rakhymbek Dosymkhan, M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University,

 Shymkent, Kazakhstan, Rakhymbek_d@mail.ruKazakhstan

 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan Ozel, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey,

 The mission of Mathematics Teacher Education Symposium is to contribute to building a professional knowledge base for mathematics teacher educators and to link research and practice. The symposium will provide opportunities to discuss current issues and trends in mathematics education. The research focus may range from teaching and learning mathematics in pre-school to university. The topics will be covered by Mathematics Teacher Education Symposium include, but not limited to:

  • ·  Mathematical Content Knowledge
  • ·  Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  • ·  Teacher Professional Development
  • ·  Teaching and Learning with Technology 
  • ·  School and University Partnerships and Projects
  • ·  Equity in Mathematics Education
  • ·  Mathematics Education Policy
  • ·  Mathematics Curriculum
  • ·  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education
  • ·  Mathematical Modeling
  • ·  Internet Technology for Mathematics
  • ·  Applications Using Dynamic Geometry Software/CAS/Graphing Calculators
  • ·  Implementation of Technology from K-12 to University Level
  • ·  Assessment in Mathematics Education


2.  Mini Symposium: Mathematical Modeling of Technological Processes


Prof. Dr. Bakhtiyar Ismailov, M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University,

Shymkent, Kazakhstan,

Prof. Dr. Nurullah Arslan, Fatih University, Turkey,

 A short description of the Symposium: Mathematical modeling of technological processes is one of the most difficult tasks. Mathematics is used to solve them: differential equation, their systems and numerical methods.

The symposium is expected to discuss new results of mathematical modeling of basic technological processes, modern methods of describing fluid flow and heat and mass transfer in process equipment, the results of numerical solution of mathematical models. 

The symposium can be submitted in the following topics:

  • ·  Mathematical modeling of technological devices
  • ·  Mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer 
  • ·  Modeling of the main processes of chemical technology 
  • ·  Mathematical modeling of processes around the dispersed particles
  • ·  Modeling of processes in solid mechanics
  • ·  Modeling processes in system "gas-liquid"
  • ·  Optimization problems of Chemical Technology 
  • ·  Modeling of modern problems in chemical engineering  
  • ·  Numerical methods for solving mathematical models
  • ·  Numerical modeling of Medical Applications