Status of Extended Abstracts (AIP)


  Title Status
1 Approximation of the inverse elliptic problem with mixed boundary value conditions Accepted
2 Inverse Neumann problem for an equation of elliptic type Accepted
3 Approximate solution of two-dimensional singular integral equation Accepted
4 A novel modified simple equation method and its application to some nonlinear evolution equation systems Accepted
5 A generalized fractional sub-equation method for the nonlinear fractional differential equations Accepted
6 Differentiable solutions of the second order elliptic equation Accepted
7 A modelling of geothermal resource's efficiency via data envelopment analysis  Rejected
8 Coercive estimates for solutions of one singular equations with third-order partial derivative  Accepted

Conditions for uniformly convergence of expansions of continuous functions from

Nikolskii classes in eigenfunction expansions of the Schrödinger operator on closed domain 

10 About the restoration of an operator of Sturm-Liouville by one spectrum  Accepted

On multiperiodic and almost periodic of the solutions boundary value problem for system of parabolic type equation 

12  A method for solving equations of turbulent diffusion Accepted
13 Modelling and calculation of the trajectory of droplets in a multistage channel mass-transfer apparatus Accepted
14 Spectrum Structure of Solvable Pantograph Differential Operators for First Order Accepted
15 Mathematical modelling of a five stages n²+n voltage multiplier's output in the time-domain Accepted
16  Teaching mathematics directed toward the improvement of ideological and humanistic level of pupils Out of scope
17  Quick multiplying multidigit number with use the modification of the algorithm quick transformation Fourier Rejected
18  On spectral properties of a class of differential equations with operator coefficients Accepted

Existence of solutions and on estimates of the velocity of convergence of approximate solutions of nonlinear degenerate equation of nonclassical type

20  A criterion for the strong solvability of the Neumann-Tricomi problem for the Lavrent'ev-Bitsadze equation in L_{p} Accepted
21  About solutions of one special system in two variables Bessel functions  Rejected
22  The wave field in a rectangular area with discontinuities in boundary conditions  Rejected 
23  Teaching functional correspondence on the basis of correlation of mathematics and physics Out of scope 
24 Non-homogeneity influence of nature of border fixing on propagation of two-dimensional waves Rejected
25  About solvability of boundary value problems for the nonhomogeneous polyharmonic equation in a ball Accepted
26  On spectral zeta functions for a non-local boundary value problem of the Laplacian Accepted
27  On the spectrum of Volterra integral equation with the "incompressible" kernel Accepted
28  On a boundary-value problem with sewing condition of integral form for parabolic-hyperbolic equation with fractional derivative Accepted
29  Nonselfadjoint correct restrictions and extensions with real spectrum  Accepted
30  A submajorization inequalities of measurable operators  Accepted
31 Ill-posed problem for the biharmonic equation Accepted
32 Spectral properties of some not strongly regular boundary value problems for the fourth order differential operators Accepted
33 On a stability of a solution of the loaded heat equation Accepted 
34 Note on small singular values of sequences of matrices Accepted
35 High-accurate difference schemes for the differential equation of 2n-th order Accepted
36 Certain Definition of Half-Hartley Transform in the Space of Generalized Functions Accepted
37 Selfadjoint Extensions of Singular Third-order Differential Operator and Applications  Accepted
38 Mean Value Multipoint Multivariate Padé Approximations Accepted
39 On a Chardy's inequality Rejected
40 On the controllability of a multidimensional phase system Accepted
41 On the optimality one power system Accepted
42 The spectral applications of Beer-Lambert law for some biological and dosimetric materials Accepted
43 On linear groups of degree 2 over a finite commutative ring  Accepted
44 Markov-type inequalities for rational functions on several intervals  Accepted
45 Fractional spaces generated by the positive differential operator in the half-line R⁺ and its application  Accepted
46 Effects of discretization schemes on numerical results of natural convection heat transfer Accepted
47 On domains (environment) the boundary value problem for hyperbolic systems of first order Rejected
48 Numerical solution of parabolic-Schrödinger equations with nonlocal boundary conditions Accepted 
49 An inverse problem of mathematical modeling of the extraction process of polydisperse porous materials Accepted 
50 A note on the stability of a time-dependent source identification problem  Accepted
51 On the convergence of q analogue of Durrmeyer type operators  Rejected
52  The third-order polynomial bundle and eigenfunctions  Accepted
53  About an approach to the fourth-order operator bundles  Accepted
54  Solution of a singularly perturbed Cauchy problem for linear systems of ordinary differential equations by the method of spectral decomposition  Rejected
55  Oscillatory conditions of nonlinear second order differential equation  Accepted
56  A note on fractional parabolic differential and difference equations  Accepted 
57 On an explicit form of the Green function of the third boundary value problem for the Poisson equation in a circle Accepted
58 Characteristical determinant of the spectrral problem for ordinary differential operator with boundary load Accepted
59 On solvability of some nonlocal boundary value problems with the Hadamard boundary operator Accepted
60 The orthogonal projections with respect to a periodic continuous unitary representations of the group (R,+) on a complex Hilbert space Accepted
61 Well-posedness of difference scheme for elliptic-parabolic equations in Hölder spaces without a weight  Accepted
62 Spectral theory of one perturbed boundary value problem with interior singularities  Accepted 
63 Numerical solutions of linear differential-algebraic equation systems via Hartley Series Accepted
64 Periodic problem for first-order equations with deviating argument Rejected
65 Weyl Numbers of Diagonal Matrices Accepted 
66 Well-posedness of a third order of accuracy difference scheme for Bitsadze-Samarskii type multi-point NBVPs Accepted
67 A numerical solution for a telegraph equation Accepted
68 High Order of Accuracy Stable Difference Schemes for Approximate Solution of Multipoint NBVP for Hyperbolic Equation Accepted 
69 The Semi-Lagrangian Approximation in the Finite Element Method for the Navier-Stokes Equations for a Viscous Incompressible Fluid Accepted
70 A new three-step iteration for generalized nonexpansive mappings in a CAT(0) space Accepted
71 Some Geometric Properties of The Domain of The Double Band Matrix Defined by Fibonacci Numbers in The Sequence Space ℓ(p) Accepted
72 Transmission problems for Sturm-Liouville equation involving an abstract linear operator Accepted
73 Modeling sedimentation dispersed particles in suspension at available liquid filtration Accepted
74 The analysis of results of calculation of one-dimensional flotation Rejected
75 The positivity of second order difference operator with periodic conditions in Hölder spaces Accepted
76 Multipliers for bounded convergent double sequences Accepted
77 On Strongly I and I^{∗}-Lacunary Convergence of Sequences of Sets Accepted
78 On strongly GA-convex functions and stochastic processes Accepted
79 Domain of the composition of some triangles in the space of p-summable sequences Accepted
80 Nonlocal boundary value problems for a third order partial differential equation  Accepted
81 A note on numerical solution of elliptic-Schrödinger equations with Dirichlet and Neumann conditions Accepted
82 On Line and Double Integrals in the Non-Newtonian Sense Accepted
83 On a first order partial differential equation with the nonlocal boundary condition Accepted
84 Solution of a singularly perturbed Cauchy problem by similitude method Accepted
85 A Second Order of Accuracy Finite Difference Scheme for the Integral-Differential Equation of the Hyperbolic Type Accepted
86 Computational solution of the velocity and wall shear stress distribution inside a left carotid artery under pulsatile flow conditions Accepted
87 On the numerical solution of hyperbolic equations with singular source terms Accepted
88 The phase ambiguity resolution in the angle-measuring navigation equipment Accepted
89 Some new paranormed sequence spaces and core theorems Accepted